New 127 film stock from Rollei

In 1912 Kodak introduced a new camera - the Vest Pocket. Within a few years millions were sold. One of the keys to the new camera's success was the new film format it used: 127. Being smaller than 120 film (commonly refered to as medium format), but larger than the 35mm (miniature) format, 127 was officially designated as "small" format and offered brilliant image quality in a tiny package.

From it's introduction until the mid-60's 127 camera's were created in every imaginable shape and form, and then for some reason it stopped. The world changed, and suddenly the only available camera was the 35mm SLR. However a classic 127 camera is still a great option - whether you choose Rolleiflex, or a Box Brownie.

Working with 127, requires a bit of effort - sourcing film, finding out about cameras, developing and printing. There are a lot of websites with a little information, but until now, no single site bringing it all together. Thats what we aim to do here. Perhaps more important is the community. We've set up a gallery space, and a forum where 127 users can chat, and share experiences. Alternatively drop me an email, and let me know what you're photographing on 127.


127 Essentials:
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